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Hinfo Notifications Screen on iPhone X

One of the biggest benefits of notifications on our smart devices, is that it allows us to stay alerted as things happen in the moment.

Hinfo allows your property to send immediate and schedule notifications to appear in a timely manner on each of your guests own devices.

Immediate Notifications

With Immediate Notifications, you can notify guests wherever they are instantly, by sending it to the Hinfo app on your guests smartphones.

This is especially important if a notification is time-sensitive and most (if not all) guests, are not currently within their guest room.

You can provide a title and brief message to appear in the notification and then a longer message, phone number, website address etc. to appear when guests tap to view the full immediate notifications details.

Shortly after sending an immediate notification, you will be able to see the total number of notifications sent a how many tapped to view full details to gauge the level of engagement.

Our immediate (and scheduled) notifications are also both tied into our Auto Translate service, which allows for sending notifications in multiple languages, instantly.

Scheduled Notifications

Our implementation has the following unique benefits:

Each of your notifications can include a title, brief message and an image, with many other details available on the details screen in the app itself.

When guests receive notifications, they will be presented with 3 options.

The scheduled notifications feature is available on an opt-in basis (as required by Apple) and is limited to 2 per day to avoid spamming guests and keeping them engaged.

Use Cases

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