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Minimal Internet Usage

2min read

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You may be thinking that our Hinfo Guest Digital Compendium is not a viable option, until you have much faster internet. This is not the case!

One of the cornerstone developments of our Hinfo service was to make it as efficient as possible. This includes everything below.

iPhone App Install Size Comparsion Chart with Popular Mobile Apps

Reducing App Download & Install Size

The Hinfo iPhone mobile app uses only 7-18MB of download (and 19-27MB to install), depending on the device and operating system in use, which is a small fraction compared to other popular apps today.

With most popular apps today averaging around 300MB when installed, our app uses only 7% of this, to achieve the same results (both excluding Documents & Data used within each app).

This chart illustrates how little storage our app uses on your guests device compared to other popular apps today (all excluding Documents, Data and Download after installing).

Internet download required to install each app is less than listed in the chart, but are similarly scaled to each other.

Hinfo App - Room Service Menu in Middle of Nowhere

Saving Details for Offline Access in App

By saving text and images used for your property to your guest's phone, you eliminate repeat download from guests for every session they have using our Hinfo service.

This also includes saving PDFs offline, on-demand.

Internet Globe with 2 Hand Reaching Towards Each Other

Hinfo.com Webpages

Websites will never be as responsive as a mobile app, but that does not stop us from trying!

We optimize every single webpage and file used on our servers (for guests and management) to be as small as possible, which results in no lengthy loading times.

There are also direct links available to your property on our website, which you can promote via Guest Wi-Fi, booking confirmation emails etc.

Cellular Internet with 5G, 4G and 3G

Fast On All Internet Connection Types

It does not matter if guests are using Wi-Fi, 5G, 4G or even 3G.

By making our service require as little download as possible, helps to significantly reduce any waiting times and combining this with saving details offline in our app, also results in a very responsive experience.

Try out our calculator below by entering the download speed from speedtest.net on your device, to see how little time it takes to download the app.

This is based on theoretical maximum internet speeds. Some factors like App Store servers may slightly affect these figures.

Hinfo App: 4.0 seconds

Average App: 60.0 seconds

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Man using Hinfo on iPhone Outside

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