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Minimal Internet Usage

2min read

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Hinfo Minimal Internet Usage

Many believe a digital hotel solution including Hinfo is not possible until you have much faster internet.

One of the cornerstone developments of our Hinfo service was to make it as efficient as possible.

This includes making the app download size, Hinfo.com webpages and property details downloaded at each property as small as possible, while providing the same great experience.

Our Hinfo apps are a fraction of the download and install size compared to other popular apps.

By making all of our files as efficient as possible, it significantly reduces the need for faster internet at your property in order to make this available to your guests.

Accessing Hinfo is also very easy via either our small to download mobile app or website.

Almost 97% of guests accessing Hinfo during their stay, are doing so via our mobile app.

You can also provide a direct link to your property on our website, on the guest login confirmation screen after connecting to your property's Wi-Fi. This leads to less download and minimal effort to get your guests to view your details immediately after check-in.

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