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Dial Phone Numbers, View Webpages, Get Directions Instantly

2min read

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If a guest sees a local restaurant, they viewed in a printed compendium, how would they view that restaurant's menu?

They would have to manually type the listed web address into their smartphone.

Providing your guests, a digital hotel compendium that works on your guests own smartphones, allows for the following intentions to be seamless and automatic.

Hinfo App - Dial Phone Alert for Fish 'n' Chips

Dial Phone Numbers Automatically

Before our digital solution, your guests would need to enter the phone numbers manually into their phone before dialling.

This may sound like a minor issue, but it only takes one minor mistake from several numbers being inputted to dial the wrong number by mistake.

These little matters, when removed, help to create a more valuable guest experience overall by making everything easier for the guest.

View Webpages Instantly

Websites and web addresses are an elevated use case of phone numbers.

The chances of having to re-enter a web address due to a minor mistake and the time & effort for entering the text overall, is a lot lengthier than being automatic.

Some web addresses, particularly if it's for a PDF menu of a local restaurant, could be over 100 characters long, which is a lot of unnecessary effort that can be eliminated.

By streamlining this process, you can help local businesses to increase sales and bookings along with your on-site restaurant and facilities.

Woman Getting Driving Directions from Sydney Airport to Opera House

Get Walking or Driving Directions Immediately

One of the biggest technological improvements this century, has been the advanced of turn-by-turn navigation.

We have now reached a point where if you have a start and end point, our smartphones will get you there via a safe route in and timely manner.

No matter if it is a local restaurant that is walkable 2-3 streets away or is a 20-30min drive down the main highway, directions to each local place/event/service helps to reduce a major stress component from your guests' overall stay.

View Restaurant Menu At Pool, Phone To Make Booking in Room, Then Get Driving Direcitons In Car

How These Work Together

Here are just a few examples, of how a combination of the above working together than further accelerate a more satisfied guest experience overall.

  • Guests can now view a restaurant menu/website, dial the restaurant's number to book a table, then later get directions to the restaurant, all instantly from anywhere.
  • If your family is at the hotel pool deciding what to do for dinner, either parent can check the local recommended restaurants on Hinfo on their smartphone. From there they can make a booking quickly and go back to enjoying their time in the pool.
  • When deciding where to go for dinner that night, Hinfo allows guests to view all local recommended restaurant menus instantly to make deciding where to dine, much easier.

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