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Guest Usage Analytics

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Our Hinfo CMS (Content Management System) allows you to view statistics on how your guests are using the Hinfo service, in your property's account.

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All Analytics Are Anonymous

Our commitment to protecting your guest's privacy, means we do not identify any individual guests using our service.

All statistics we collect and display for your property are all entirely anonymous and not linked to each other by IP address or any other type of device IDs.

Hinfo CMS - Usage Screen on iMac

Dedicated Interface to View Usage

In your property's Hinfo CMS account via your device's web browser, you can access a dedicated usage tab for your property.

This screen contains all the statistics to help you make informed decision on the level of engagement.

These usage statistics are broken down into the past week, month, year and all time.

For holiday home groups, this screen includes statistics on a per property basis and the total number of sessions and guests using Hinfo at all properties.

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Local Business Advertising Opportunities

You could charge local business for advertising space in the Near Me and Local Services sections, based on the following metrics:

  • Number of Views
  • Number of Website Visits
  • Number of Phone Numbers Dialled
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Benefits of Viewing Statistics

Here are a couple of examples of how the statistics on your guest's usage can influence any changes that can/need to be made.

Re-ordering Places and Events in Near Me

  • You can view how your guests are using the service and re-order the places/events listed in the Near Me section, to prioritize those that are proving more popular.

Adding More In-Depth Details

  • If you are seeing some local places/events listed are having higher usage than expected, but includes minimal details, you could add to these listing at any time and publish as an information update to all your guests instantly.

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