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Guest Service Requests

2min read

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Guest Service Requests, allow your guests to ask your management for additional amenities to be delivered to their room and/or request a time for various on-site services/facilities.

Request Time for Tennis Court from Guest on Left and Desktop PC On Right Receiving Request

How It Works

You can add all various types of requests in the dedicated Guest Service Requests tab in your property's CMS (Content Management System) account and assign a dedicated heading/section for each request to appear within.

From the guests end, they can tap on the appropriately named button (that you can name yourselves), enter their preferences and submit through to your management.

Your management will receive requests via a dedicated interface and can accept/decline as they come in.

Your guests will then receive a push notification and can view the requests previously sent from within the app, to get a status update.

Hinfo App - Book a Tennis Court Time

Integrated Throughout the App

Rather than providing a separate interface for guests to view all these services, you can assign a dedicated heading in any of the following for it to appear alongside:

  • Amenities Headings (Property Compendium Details)
  • In-House Restaurants
  • Immediate Notifications
  • Scheduled Notifications

This results in a more contextually relevant interface, without having multiple functions related to the same topic being separated.

For example, you can have a button to request a time for your on-site tennis court, underneath the Tennis heading in Amenities section.

Collage of Tennis Court, Massage, Pillows and Restaurant

Adaptable to Multiple Use Cases

There are a few types of uses cases for guest services requests, that can easily adapt to any property type and the on-site facilities/services they offer.

Room Cleaning Requests, Towel Change or Pillow Change etc.

  • If a guest wants to have their towels changed, a firmer pillow or even want their entire room cleaned in the middle of their stay, they can now inform your management with ease.
  • By sending a request in the guests own time for any of these to your management, allows you to also acknowledge and respond in your own time.

Tennis Court Hire

  • If your property has an on-site tennis court, you can include a Book a Time button or similar, to allow guests to send their preferred time for you to accept or provide a similar time that is available.
  • You can also include details within the request screen, to let guests know you can provide racquets and balls (if you do provide them) by leaving a comment.

Spa and Massage Appointments

  • If your resort offers spa and/or massage sessions, you can promote this to your guests and allow them to request a time for your management to confirm.
  • You can communicate to the guests what they need to bring to the appointment and how early they need to arrive before their scheduled time.

Book a Table at Your In-House Restaurant

  • You can increase bookings at your property's restaurant by making it easy for guests to request their preferred time and how many guests dining for that booking.

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