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Food and Beverage Ordering

3min read

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If your property is offering food and beverage (F&B) ordering to your guests, you likely are receiving orders via one or more of the following ways:

While these processes have served properties well for many years, they each have a downside from the guests end of the transaction.

With our F&B service, we have created a solution that eliminates these issues without the premium cost of other digital alternatives.

Authentic Greek Food
Hinfo App F&B Ordering on iPhone with Fruit Bowl, Orange Juice and Coffee

Key Components

Here are many of the key features of our F&B solution.

  • Separate Menus with Availability Times and Item Availability,
  • Images for Each Menu Item,
  • Dietary Tags,
  • Keyword Search by Item Names and Descriptions,
  • Customizable Options for Each Item,
  • Assign Multiple On-Site Delivery Locations in addition to your guests' room,
  • Allow comments from guests on a per item basis for full flexibility,
  • Delivery Time Options (that include minimum time delay, time intervals, on-demand only option) and
  • Dedicated tab in the middle of the bottom tab bar on mobile devices.
F&B Lunch Menu in App - English, Simplified Chinese and Italian with Pasta Carbonara Background

Support Multiple Languages with Auto Translate

With Auto Translate, your property can benefit from the following use case scenarios for F&B ordering:

  • Creating multilingual menus for significantly less time and cost,
  • Adding new menu items (and all its criteria) in multiple languages after initial implementation, instantly and
  • Communicate the estimated delivery time to non-English speaking guests when accepting orders.

All these translating benefits are included in the same Auto Translate rates.

Hinfo App - F&B Ordering - Dark Mode - iPhone 12

Light and Dark Mode Support

This service behaves the same as every other in the Hinfo app when it comes to displaying your property's personalized colours & fonts during the day and/or dark colours at night (if enabled by the guest).

This means your property's branding colours and fonts will be reflected during the day and night unless each guest decides to prioritize the dark mode interface.

Australian Money Notes with Red No Sign

No Premium Cost Attached

Bringing a viable contactless ordering solution to market, must be above all else cost-effective.

Our service is built on a room chargeback basis, which eliminates any additional/separate credit card surcharges etc.

We designed our F&B ordering to act as a natural substitution to receiving orders from guests via paper pamphlets, phone calls or in-person.

This means our whole service from the guest's perspective is now accessible independently, mobile and in their preferred language, while management will receive requests through a single dedicated interface for all orders.

Our ordering service is available to all properties (except holiday homes), at no additional cost on-top of our standard cost-effective membership, which breaks down to only a few cents per room per night.

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