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Dark Mode

2min read

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Providing your guests, a dark mode option for your guest communications tool, helps protect their eyes at night by reducing the number of bright colours used.

This is also referred to as Night Mode on some devices, including Android.

The concept of the feature is to reduce the number of bright/white colours on the screen, particularly for night usage.

Hinfo App - Amenities in Dark Mode on iPhone

How to Enable

Dark Mode is available across our entire, including the guest app and every webpage on our website, including our Hinfo CMS (Content Management System) and property listing pages guest's access.

Guest App:

  • Hinfo responds to the iOS 13+ Dark Mode settings and Android 10+ Night Mode toggle on your guests' devices.
  • When enabled, this will provide a consistent interface alongside other popular services used regularly by your guests on their smartphones, including Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
  • This toggle is accessible either via the Control Centre or Settings app on iPhone/iPad and via the notification's menu or Settings app on Android.
  • Many people also choose to enable this setting on a scheduled basis to appear only between sunset and sunrise.

Hinfo Website:

  • The entire Hinfo.com website supports dark mode, including your property listing, our CMS and even this page you are looking at.
  • On iPhones, iPads and Android this can be enabled via the same steps listed above.
  • For MacBooks and Windows 10/11 PCs, we recommend following our dedicated blog post on this topic.
Hinfo App on iPhone - Dark Mode - Eureka Skydeck

Benefits of Dark Mode

There are 2 primary benefits to using a dark mode interface.

Reduce Eye Strain

  • White backgrounds with black text are perfectly normal for your eyes during the day.
  • However, when you are viewing a blog/news/social media post etc. at night, the brightness of the white background can do the most damage to your eyes.
  • By switching the white and black with each other, if you can have a screen full of text, you would go from roughly 85% white used on the screen, down to around 15%.

Improved Battery Life on OLED Devices

  • Many smartphones today (particularly flagships) have an OLED or AMOLED display.
  • When enabled, all black colour pixels on a display a 'turned off', which results in a significant reduction of battery consumption, which leads to longer battery life.
  • The YouTube channel PhoneBuff did a test on exactly this and found the result was an additional 30% battery life remaining after 7.5hrs of testing.

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