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Continual Development

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Hinfo Continual Development

Any piece of software is like a car, problems will occur unless it is continuously maintained.

When you invest in any digital solution, you always want to make sure that it continues to be maintained, especially over the long term.

We will continue to add new features, support new platforms and maintain compatibility with future mobile operating system updates, including iOS, Android and commonly used web browsers.

There are no hidden costs for this and all properties/guests, will receive these new features and improvements simultaneously.

The technology space is rapidly evolving with new devices released yearly and new platforms created every few years.

We regularly publish app updates to ensure all is working correctly for all guests, on all devices.

In 2021, for the 5th year running, we have added support for the latest iOS, iPadOS and Android operating system updates at launch.

This is particularly important for iPhone and iPad users, where out of the 1.5 billion active users worldwide, 20% upgraded to iOS 13 and 30% upgraded to iOS 14, both in the first 5 days.

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