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Anonymous Feedback

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Hinfo Anonymous Feedback

Your guests can send feedback directly to your property's management team, based on their stay.

You can provide your own questions (with either a rating or comment response type) or use the default questions we provide (modified for holiday homes too).

All feedback from your guests is sent to your property's management directly via a nominated email address.

You can opt-in to save all feedback on our servers, to view in an central location.

No feedback sent through Hinfo is published online.

All feedback sent is entirely anonymous as part of our privacy focused service.

Anonymous Property Feedback can be sent via both the Hinfo mobile app and our Hinfo.com website and is accessible via the 'Feedback' button in the Home tab.

Our feedback feature is built on an opt-in basis via your property's Hinfo CMS account either during or after the initial setup.

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