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Anonymous Feedback

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Your guests can send feedback directly to your property's management team, based on their stay.

We designed our feedback form to allow your guests to provide a more detailed quick analysis compared to a single 5-star rating.

All feedback sent is entirely anonymous as part of our privacy focused service.

Feedback can be sent via both our Hinfo mobile app and our website, of which is accessible via the 'Feedback' button in the Home tab.

Our feedback feature is built on an opt-in basis via your property's Hinfo CMS account either during or after the initial setup.

Hinfo App - Feedback Screen on Phone on Brown Blanket

Ask Your Own Questions

You can provide your own questions or use the default questions we provide (modified for holiday homes too).

Each question can use either a rating or comment response, to give you a better snapshot overall.

Ratings are more ideal for a quick overview figure. E.g., Rating of overall stay.

Comment responses are more ideal for in-depth feedback. E.g., what was the best part of your stay.

Hinfo CMS - View Property Feedback - Boardroom

View All Feedback in CMS Account

Our feedback feature also has an opt-in feature, to save all feedback submitted by your guests to our servers, so you can view all responses in a central location within your property's CMS account.

Hinfo App - Feedback Screen - Coffee

Increased Amount of Feedback Received

No feedback sent through Hinfo is published online.

Guests may be more inclined to send critical feedback to inform your property's management, without creating an account on any given review website such as TripAdvisor, Trivago etc.

This means each guest may be more inclined to send feedback (either positive or negative), if they do not want to be identified, likely for follow-up reasons.

This will result in your property's management having a better overall idea of how many of your guests are enjoying their stay.

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